It’s On The List

This morning I emptied the dishwasher while I was making my breakfast.  Then I got sad.  I was sad because I realized that I hadn’t updated my to-do list for the day yet which meant that “empty the dishwasher” wasn’t on it yet. And if it wasn’t on the list I couldn’t check it off and if I couldn’t check it off it’s like IT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED! The whole point of doing chores is to check them off! I considered putting it on the list just to check it off but it wouldn’t be the same.

So I sat down to update my list anyway since it needed to be done and when I pulled it up on my phone something amazing happened. “Dishes” was already on the list!  I had written it there yesterday but Luke emptied and loaded the dishwasher last night so I never checked it off.  Since it didn’t specify what about the “dishes” needed to be done I figured it would count.  With a smile on my face I happily poked that little box and watched the check-mark appear. It was the happiest moment of my day.


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