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I Feel Old: Turning 26 Edition

Last year around this same time I wrote a post  inspired by my quarter life crisis and the sudden realization that at 25 years of age I was an actual adult.  Today I turned 26 and in the past year I have had a bunch more moments in which made me think, “holy sh*t, I’m a grown-up now!”  Here is that list:

  1. Not only did I have a checkbook but I actually used up all my checks.
  2. A friend of mine from high school just had a baby intentionally. Like she’s married and decided to start a family.
  3. I like split pea soup now.
  4. I have a 401K.
  5. I made my birthday cupcakes with whole wheat flour.
  6. I actually kept forgetting when my birthday was because I was busy.
  7. I was texting with a friend the other day and she mentioned that we’ve been friends for over ten years.  I realized that I’ve actually known nearly all of my closest friends for at least a decade.
  8. I don’t put sugar in my tea anymore.
  9. In less than six months I will be someone’s wife.
  10. I use a self inking stamp at work. (My mom had one when I was a kid that I was never allowed to touch)
  11. The girls in shampoo ads are now younger than me.








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