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These Boots are Made for Whining

My Inner Monologue

I should probably buy a pair of boots. It’s gonna be fall soon so they’re starting to pop up in stores.  And I’ve been waiting  forever to get a particular kind.

You really shouldn’t be spending money.

But I saw some that were on sale!

A) You still can’t really afford them and B) They were probably on sale because they’re cheap crap that’s gonna fall apart real fast and then what?

But I’d have boots now… This is future me’s problem.

This is a bad plan. No. Future me needs to pay her loans.

But they’re cute! And… I’d wear them to work so they’re pretty much an investment.

You just got a pair of boots to wear to work, you don’t need another.

But those boots are grayish. I don’t have a pair of short dark brown boots. My wardrobe needs this.

You have two pairs of short dark brown boots.

True…technically… But one of them is too casual to wear to work and the other is fuzzy and warm on the inside and is only for winter.

How many boots could you actually possibly need?

One, two…three… wait do rain boots count? They serve a totally different purpose but I clearly need them.

I can’t even deal with you right now.

It’s not like you have a choice on that…

I think the solution is clearly that we just need to get the boots.

No. Don’t you realize how horribly guilty you’ll feel afterwards knowing that you spent money you shouldn’t have?

Or will I just feel happy because my boots are super adorable.

You tried them on yesterday and they didn’t even feel that good.

But they didn’t feel bad either. They fit well. Throw a little Doctor Scholls in there and it’ll be super comfy.

You realize that would make it cost even more money.

Technically yes but….

But what? You don’t even have anything.

Shhhhhh, I’m thinking. They’ed look really great at the Renaissance Faire.

You’re not even going to the Renaissance Faire because you can’t afford that either.


Will you just leave it? You can’t have the boots.

But I want them.

Sucks doesn’t it?