Quotes From My Notebooks

When I was in college I was a very good student and consequently took a LOT of notes. I also had extra space in the notebooks after I graduated so I continued to use them for other things. Of course, being me, they have there own special style. I started looking back on some of them recently and found it amusing so I decided to share. The following are actual quotes from my notebooks.


“Is it a symbol setting fire to the curtains?”



  • Get rid of your daughter so you don’t have to pay dowry”


“3:34pm Well that didn’t go far. Risky too risky. I have things to do. It is bitter cold outside. Thank goodness for my moose hat.”


“Syphilis Shows Up

  • got it from the new world
  • steam baths of mercury, that’s good” 


“Today show stripy shirt lady hello at beginning X” 


“Shit continues to go downhill for Rome”


“4:34pm Production class. Going over menus. Brain melting.”


“2. Geryon monster of fraud –> cool sounding big flying monster, interesting imagery.”




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