The Mystery Box

A few weeks ago I was cleaning up my old in my parents’ house when I came across a mysterious book.  Only it wasn’t really a book, it was a BOX!


What could possibly be inside?

Okay, I’ll be honest, this box wasn’t really THAT mysterious as it has been sitting in plain sight in my room for many years and at no point did I ever think it was not a box.  Also I was pretty sure  it was empty since it wasn’t very heavy when I picked it up, nothing was rattling around inside and I had no memory of putting anything in there.  Actually it was the emptiness at that point that seemed odd.  Almost every box or container in my bedroom, large or small, has SOMETHING in it.  It might be spare parts to a Cylon action figure or candles for a doll’s menorah or a bunch of  Beanie Baby tags but boxes in my possession are almost never empty. So out of curiosity I decided to open the box just to see if maybe some forgotten thing would be in there anyway.




No here’s where it starts to get weird.  Out of the $106 (sweet!) in the box $61 of it was in singles.  Some of them were organized into paper-clipped groups of ten but the rest was a mess.

paper clip money

The weirdest part of all is that I have no memory of putting it there and no idea where I got it from.  I know that it must be mine because hiding a bunch of singles in a box shaped like a book and then stashing it in plain sight is entirely something a slightly younger me would have done. (Present day me would have spent it nearly immediately, probably on bagels or candy.  So if you were reading this and thinking of going through all my stuff and robbing all my secret stashes of cash you missed the boat. Sorry.) I think I must have been up to some sort of nefarious activity while sleepwalking or something.  Like stripping or drug dealing, both of which are things I would be terrible at. I guess that explains why I only made a $106.  But on the bright side, $106 can buy like a bunch of bagels.


2 Responses to “The Mystery Box”

  1. 1 SW April 30, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Perhaps it’s dollars saved up from the lunch money singles you were given–and then bought nothing but a soft pretzel.

    • 2 CorinneFTWin April 30, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      This is a plausible theory, but I was pretty sure all of that went into a shoe box that I cleared out when I needed to buy my car or put in the bank at that point. I stopped buying lunch senior year and packed one so i wouldn’t have been collecting leftover lunch singles at that point. This money could only have come from after I bought my car so it is unlikely to be pretzel related.

      Also I didn’t just get a pretzel, I used to buy a Snapple as well and a cookie before Art History class which is why I was late all the time.

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